Seat Ibiza Mk4 Photo
Seat Ibiza Mk4 Photo
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Useful Seat Ibiza Links & Resources

This page contains a list of links and resources of use to Seat Ibiza Mk4 owners.

Useful Seat Ibiza Guides

How to Remove the Seat Ibiza Boot Trim: Rear washer stopped working in the frost ? Rattles in the boot ? This guide shows how to remove your boot trim to fix it.

How to Change the Oil and Filter in a TDI: Why pay someone to do it for you ? It's easy - go on, save yourself some money!

How to Replace Seat Ibiza Rear Shock Absorbers: Changing rear shock absorbers on a Seat Ibiza Mk4 is surprisingly easy for the home mechanic. This guide shows you how.

How to Replace Seat Ibiza Front Shock Absorbers: Changing the front shock absorbers on a Seat Ibiza Mk4 is a different matter - possible for the home mechanic but only just. This guide shows you how I did it.

VAG-COM: Diagnostic Software for all VAG (VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda) Cars

VAG-COM is a software product that turns your PC or laptop into a sophisticated VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda diagnostic tool, which performs the functions of a factory VAG-1551 or VAG-1552 scan tool and more, as used by your dealer.
A few examples of what vag-com can do:

  • Read and Clear fault codes from your car's ECU - find out what is wrong with your car, and clear warning lights, without paying your dealer for the priviledge !
  • Monitor, log, and graph in real-time, many sensor outputs - log data as your car is driving around to track down faults, or just for interest
  • Clear service indicator warnings
  • Change settings such as idle speed, power steering assistance level, EGR settings
  • Run built-in self-tests on many components such as climate control, dashboard instruments, etc
  • Log vehicle speed, RPM, time; measure your 0-60 !

Read more about VAG-COM here.

Also visit the VAG-COM & Diagnostics forum at for more information.

Performance Tuning Companies

Fancy improving the performance of your Ibiza ?

Remapping your Seat Ibiza's engine ECU is a popular and easy way to gain more power. This is also known as "chipping" or "chiptuning" - though these days all Seat Ibizas can be reprogrammed electronically through the diagnostic port, without even needing to open the bonnet...
The engines are always designed with a reserve of power, and so long as you look after your car, and service it regularly to a high standard, you should see no adverse affects.
If you're still unsure, why not pop along to the Seat Owners forums and chat to plenty of owners who have had it done !

Aside from the obvious power and torque increases available, people often report a slight improvement in economy - though that obviously depends how much advantage you take of the new found performance!

I have selected the following links based on their reputation within the Ibiza tuning community:

  • Upsolute - one of the longest established chiptuning companies with a lot of experience tuning VW engines, as used in the Seat Ibiza. The UK Upsolute distributor is Simon Coe, who has an excellent reputation for customer service, and will travel to you to do the work - all for a very good price (approx £250 at time of writing). I can highly recommend Simon as he has done my own car.
  • Custom Code - UK suppliers of ECU performance tuning software, with an excellent reputation amongst the owner community for the quality, smoothness and power of their remaps. A little more expensive, at time of writing costing approximately £450 + VAT (£528). Custom Code have recently added a "switchable map" option for TDI PD engines, which allows the user to switch between stock and performance maps - this requires the use of vag-com (see above).
  • Revo Technik - suppliers of ECU performance tuning software for many makes of car, Revo have an excellent reputation worldwide and they also sell a tool to allow switching between stock and performance programs.
  • Jabbasport - another ECU tuning company specialising in VAG group tuning software, with very good power gains.

Want to know more about tuning your car ? Have a look through the Owner's Club forums for more info and feedback from those already in the know.

ErWin - Official Seat Workshop Manuals from Seat

Want a workshop manual, but Haynes haven't written one yet ?

One option is to download official Seat Service manuals from ErWin.

For a small fee, the relevant section of the latest, official service manual can be purchased and downloaded. Service Manual sections, electrical wiring diagrams (current flow diagrams) and self-study guides on various systems (eg ABS-ESP) are all available. Equip yourself with the same knowledge as your dealer !

For more information, visit the ErWin Seat site.

Other links of interest


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