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Seat Ibiza Mk4 Photo
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Removing the Boot Trim in a Seat Ibiza Mk4

Rear washer stopped working because the pipe popped off in the frost ?
Washer fluid dribbling from the boot trim ?
Rattles inside the boot lid ?

...then you might be wondering how to remove the boot trim. You might even have tried but given up.

Below are some tips and photos to help you on your way.

DISCLAIMER: The clips retaining the trim are extremely strong, there is a reasonable chance you will break bits of the trim with the amount of force required to remove them. (Even Seat dealers have been known to break them...). Follow this procedure at your own risk - if you do break anything, it's your own fault. If your car is under warranty and your rear washer has stopped working, try and get your dealer to do this !
If you do break the trim, the part number for a new one is: 6L6 867 601 F (thanks to "BlackFR" from for the number!)

How to do it

NOTE: The screws require Torx type screwdrivers to remove them.

  1. Open the boot.
  2. Unclip the two covers behind the light clusters, and remove the screws as arrowed in these photos:

  3. Carefully prise out the plastic cover around the boot catch, taking care not to mark the trim, and remove the 2 screws underneath, as in this photo:

  4. Remove the screw hidden at the bottom of the grab handle recess, as in this photo:

  5. All the necessary screws are now removed.
    The trim is held in with 10 strong metal clips, you will have to pull the trim very hard to remove it. I suggest starting at one end and working along.
    The following photo shows the boot lid with the trim removed, the arrows point to where the clips attach for reference:

  6. After removal, you might find some of the metal clips are left in the boot lid metalwork. You will need to pull these out with pliers or similar.
  7. If you have removed the trim because of a leaking rear washer, the problem should now be obvious !
  8. Before refitting, make sure all the metal clips are fitted in their holders in the plastic boot trim.
  9. Offer up the trim to the boot, and press the clips in, this may take some force.

  10. Refit the screws, replace the light cluster covers and the boot catch cover.

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